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M4 ATX random shut off

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  • M4 ATX random shut off

    Okay here's the issue, I've searched and couldn't find this anywhere. J8 send the signal to turn on, but it won't go off so the computer goes on for a couple of seconds then shuts right off.

    At first i couldn't figure out what was going on then I thought what the hell let me try something... I turned on the ACC line, let the m4 turn the computer on then i immediately turned the yanked the j8 line out... the computer turned on just fine and stayed on. Keep it on for over an hour, everything was fine. Then I plugged j8 back in,.. the m4 crashed, heard a thump through the speakers and the power on the m4 just turned off. Seemed very similar to what would happen if you just yanked the power cord out of the wall on a desktop computer.

    Has this happen to any one else, any way to fix this issue?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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