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M1-ATX volatge drop problem

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  • M1-ATX volatge drop problem

    I have an M1 in the housing for my screen. It powers the screen and some USB hubs. This setup was working for about 6months. Recently the screen won't power on but the USB hub lights remain on. If I power the screen with a normal PC PSU it powers on fine, so the screen is good. I also used the M1 powering my carPC to turn on the screen, works fine. So the 12V power source to the M1 is fine. When I connect the screen to its M1, the 12V line drops to ~1.5-1.6V (its at 12V before I connect the screen). I have no idea why I'm getting this voltage drop. Is there anything else I can do to trouble shoot this? is the M1 bad?

    The 5V line remains fine the entire time.

    Thanks mucho

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    now this is strange. I use a molex to connect the screen to the M1. When I use the molex from the M1 to power a fan the 12V line drops off again but the fan only uses the 5V rail. Which remains at 5V.



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      I think I solved it. I think something was touching the bottom of the PSU, most likely causing a short.