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Looking for a Powersupply for a new build

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  • Looking for a Powersupply for a new build

    I am building a new system and am looking for a powersupply with a startup / shutdown controler. I am using a mini-itx board that uses a 24pin power supply.

    From the research i have done so far i am leaning towards the DSATX unit, however there is one feature i really love about the carnetix DC to DC regulators, and this is the "pulse start" feature. I would love to wire the power supply into the door locks and have the system start booting when the doors are unlocked. However considering i am going to need an ATX powesupply anyways i dont think that it is worth the cost of adding the carnetix unit just to add that feature. Do any other units offer this feature, also any recomendations on other supplys to consider?