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HELP another M2ATX problem

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  • HELP another M2ATX problem

    Just installed my new computer and am having issues with the M2ATX PS. I have a Zotac Ion ITX board mated to the M2ATX. I hooked up the M2 as per the instructions
    J1: Bat Pos (Tested: constant 12v-14v pos)
    J3: Ing (Tested: 12 v w/ ign on)
    J4: Bat Neg (connected to grnd dist block and 4 ga wire)
    J8: MB on/off
    J9: Ext on/off
    Jumper set to A (5/45)

    When I start the car the MB powers on (Fans spin up and LED comes on) then within a second or two it powers off and does not come back on. When I try to use the Ext on/off nothing happens either. If I run the Ext on/off directly to the MB on/off pins the board starts up and runs fine but if it is connected to the M2ATX I get nothing.

    I have been all over the forums and have checked and double checked my connections, jumper settings and voltages. I even reversed the J8 cable to see if polarity was an issue.

    I am starting to think my M2ATX was DOA.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this issue

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    I had alot of problems with my M2, they are crap!!! I purchased an M4 and it works perfectly, i love it. Im also running the Zotac ION D-E Board, good choice!!!
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      yeah I think the board is great. just wish i could get my car set up working properly.


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        The M2 works just fine, calm down people...

        Ok, you say when connected and you have the M2 connected to the motherboards ON jumper header, and you use the external on/off jumper on the M2, nothing happens on the mobo? This would indicate a problem as that is in parallel with the motherboard's jumper. So shorting those two pins is equivalent (or rather should be) to shorting the same two pins on the motherboard.

        You also say that if you short the pins directly on the motherboard, it works correct?

        If so, then there would appear to be something wrong with your M2. Can you use a multimeter and check the resistance between each pin of the motherboard header and the external on/off header on the M2 when the M2 is connected as it would be if it were working just fine? You should get 2 N.C. (Not Connected, measuring between pin 1 and pin 2 and then between pin 2 and pin 1) and then 2 with very small < 1ohm resistance (pin1 to pin1 and pin2 to pin2). If you get 3 N.C, then one of those pins is not working.

        Need more clarification to speculate further. At this point my guess would be a DOA board but something simple like a bad solder joint that a few minutes of diagnostics could solve.
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          Thanx I will check that this week end. I will have to reconnect the M2 as I have already pulled it out of the case.


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            Well i contacted the store at MP3car and they advised that they would not do an RMA due to the fact the it had been more than 30 days (41 days). I was advised to contact the manufacturer. I am contacting mini-box now


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              Ok so I am testing resistance on the J8 and J9 headers. I seem to get all 0.00's I am not good with the meter and may be doing something wrong. Set the meter to read resistance. the touched the leads together on dif settings till the read 0 (20k). I then tested all of the pins in the order listed above and i get all 0's