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how to power up my usb drive 5volts on 6 m cable ?

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  • how to power up my usb drive 5volts on 6 m cable ?

    Well guys i need to know which is the best option to power a DVD RW usb powered on my car. I mean i have an Aopen External DVD RW Drive powered only by usb. And works on 5volts.

    I have to power these on a 6 m distance between the drive and the pc....The problem is that i dont get this working well cause there is a light but the dvd doesnt open and so i guess it isnt well powered.

    So i was wondering if i can power this with any kind of usb powered hub or get a 5 volt power supply to work on cars..i mean a 12 v to 5 v converter/or something like that.

    Or maybe a pci usb card which has 4 ports......???

    It works on 5 volts and 2 A....I had found a 5 v 2A already but has to be changed to work....i mean...need to get the correct plug...

    What options do i have ? May i use a usb hub powered directly from my car...i have chance to get the power directly from my battery or near that, like the cigar lighter....if needed...

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    you can use something like this to get 12v automotive to 5v 1amp using 1 of these
    and use with usb cable with dual ends (1end in to this power unit and 1 end into your extention cable to your computer) or open it up and solder on your connector for your dvd drive 5v power in hope this helps SNO