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P2140 PSU, is it the correct one?

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  • P2140 PSU, is it the correct one?

    So I've read over and over all the FAQ's and various tutorials on picking a PSU, and have come to the conclusion the Carnetix P2140 is what I need. There's also a blurb in the PSU FAQ that this model PSU works well with small form-factor PC's, which is what I have.
    But I'm a newb so I need more seasoned opinions on whether this is good for what I'm trying to accomplish, or if its a bit overkill, or if I'm completely wrong.

    Already have an HP DC7800 small form-factor PC, with Liliput HR701-NP 7" screen, running Centrafuse 3. Have USB GPS (GlodalSat BU-353BT), external soundcard (Creative x-fi S1090), and USB Blutooth (ioGear GBU421w6) that will all need to work (will also be purchasing a mic for voice-calling, text-to-speech, etc). I will also be using a 5 channel amp to power my stock speakers.
    DEFINATLY want the ingition startup/shutdown feature on the PSU as I want the whole system to look as stock as possible.

    The Max Power Dissipation for the PC is 87watts (Primary 12V output is 130watts), and for the screen is 9.5watts (Secondary 5V output is 15watts). So according to tutorials I'm well within the max wattage each rail is allowed (unless I'm wrong?).

    I'm pretty much ready to buy the P2140, unless I'm missing something, or someone tell's me I completely wrong about everything lol..
    - scENFORCER

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    - scENFORCER


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      It sounds as if the 214 will cover your needs. I have 2 of them in working systems and am very happy with them. If you use win7 or 64 bit XP, be sure to use the drivers that are with the sys tray app written by shelldude. The Psumoni drivers suck and are extremely outdated.
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        The only thing you didn't mention is if you intend to run powered USB hubs as you add peripherals. You would want to account for more draw on the 5v supply if so. You may still be good, I'm just saying, you may want to plan for it to be sure.
        Th soundcard uses a fair amount of power and if you were to add an external DVD at some point, they are really hungry. In fact mine has 2 USB plugs on it just to tap the additional power of a second USB port.
        I ended up wth 12 USB devices on 3 powered hubs.
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          I have a USB hub but I don't think I will be needing/using it. The CPU I have has 8 USB ports, which is more than enough then I need for my peripherals (bluetooth, gps, and the soundcard).
          Not really interested in having DVD, for now at least..
          - scENFORCER