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Opus 320W PS Fried - Need a new PSU

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  • Opus 320W PS Fried - Need a new PSU


    The other day, while driving down the road, I had a nice little experience. My monitor shut off and my cars dashboard started smoking! I was able to prevent the rest of the car from catching fire, but I lost the power cable to my monitor, which had seemingly melted. Disturbed by this fact, I began to trace back the issue with my trusty multimeter and ALAS! I found that my Opus 320W Power Supply bit the dirt and attempted to take my car with it. Be it a freak accident or some other fashion of hatred.

    This little incident has made me leery about venturing back into the Opus line of power supplies. However, I am in grave need of a new power supply that can run my system. I need it to power my 629GL-70NP Lilliput monitor (which it looks like I also need a new cable for), as well as my CarPuter. Intel Celeron board/processor. I have also been considering hardwiring the power brick for my external HDD into my power distribution system in the effort to remove the power inverter from the equation.

    With these parameters in place, I've been researching the available power supplies here on MP3Car, and attempting to make the most practical decision available. I am currently leaning towards the Carnetix CNX-P1900 PSU, however wanted to request additional input from fellow hobbyists before making the leap and purchasing a PSU that may not fit the bill.

    Any Recommendations would be appreciated! Thank you,

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    I highly doubt the opus is what caused the problem. If a wire melted, whatever was at the end of that wire was drawing too much current. The opus regulated voltage. It provides up to a a given amount of current. It cannot force current down the wire's throat though.

    Wires fried, things smoked because you didn't fuse what you should have. A wire shorted, and there was no fuse to blow, so your power supply blew. When you're told to fuse things, no one is joking. It's 100% necessary or else things like this can happen. You're luck this time, but next time it could have been your car or even your life.[/scolding]

    That said, what probably saved you is the fact that the opus has a built in fuse. However it probably took way too long to burn up because it was rated higher than the wire going from the PSU to the screen. The wire from the PSU to the screen needs a fuse.

    There's a good chance that your opus supply is not fried. Find its built in fuse and see if it is just blown. Hopefully that's the only problem and you'll be fixed up without spending more than a few dollars on the fuse.

    Also, what voltage does the external drive require. If 5 volts, you can likely just tap the 5 volt rail of the power supply.
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