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  • Used PSU?

    Should I worry about buying a used PSU? Is that a no-no, or should I not worry about it?
    Do new ones come with a warranty? I'm talking about the P2140 specifically..
    - scENFORCER

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    Two issues I see with buying a used PSU:

    1 - You have no warranty on a used piece, so if something goes wrong your cost may very well be money thrown away. Many of the manufacturers will stand behind their product, even to a second owner. You can ask around to see what sort of assistance you will receive (if any).

    2 - The seller is pretty key. If the seller is honest about what he's selling and has taken care of it, there probably isn't any issue. But how can you really guarantee an honest seller, especially online?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Your right, I didnt take into consideration what the previous owner used the PSU for, and whether it was used properly or not. I guess that would have an affect on its condition.
      Probably safer to just buy a new one..
      - scENFORCER