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Auto On/Off Using Hibernate *and* Sleep?

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  • Auto On/Off Using Hibernate *and* Sleep?

    I've read through many of the threads in the first couple pages of this forum, as well as the vendors' pages on the Carnetix and Xobyte units..

    Basically, here's what I'm looking for:

    Car turns off. PC enters standby.
    Case A:
    -- Car is turned on within 30 minutes; computer wakes fast from standby.
    Case B:
    -- Car is not turned on within 30 minutes; computer enters Hibernate mode.
    -- Car is turned on after 30 minute mark; computer resumes relatively quickly from Hibernate, but not as fast as from Standby.

    If I go ahead and use a laptop-esque PC (computer with its own battery, with Windows XP/7), could I easily do this through Power Options, and simply have a non-controlling PSU? Meaning these rules would automatically take effect as soon as the computer switches to its own "battery power."

    Please give me your thoughts on this, or another approach you think I should take. How would something like the P-2140 suit my needs?

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    what you're describing is what Windows 7 offers in the way of Hybrid sleep. It puts the computer in to sleep mode, but saves a hibernate file first, so that if anything happens during sleep to make the computer turn off it comes back from hibernation. The problem that you'll encounter is having a safe trigger to turn your carPC from sleep into hibernation. Now normally with a standard PC unless you get REALLY tricky, your car battery is your trigger. It will shut down the PC when the voltage requirements of the PC become too much for the battery to withstand. Course when you get to that point you have bigger issues because your car wont start.

    With a laptop, you do have a secondary battery that comes into play, and that battery is a lot safer to use as a trigger, but you will still have to do something to make sure the laptop charges when the car is on and goes into "battery" mode when the car is off. This could be something as simple as using a switched cig lighter. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      So you're saying I simply hook up the power to a switched source, such as a cigarette lighter/ACC line, which will go off when the car is off (although my cig lines stay on when the car's completely off)?

      The laptop-battery-powered system will then recognize it's on "battery power" and then put the computer to regular Sleep instantly, and then into Hibernate (through timed events, in Power Options) after 30 minutes.

      I guess I just needed some confirmation on this. I'll see how it works out.