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  • PSU for D945GSEJT


    I was using a Carnetix P2140 for this MB, but it's since died, and I was never able to get it to work properly anyway (i think mainly due to crappy software).

    Anyway, I'm looking for something to replace it, but my issue is this motherboard (Intel D945GSEJT) doesn't have the standard 24 pin MB connector. It only has either 4 pin 12v ATX or a laptop style connector at the back. Will power supplies like the M2-ATX and this work without the 24 pin thing connected? The manuals seem to state that the 4 pin connector is optional, but not the 24 pin one.

    If not.. any suggestions for a reliable power supply, preferably not from Carnetix?


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    I ordered that 210w one from ebay. Will reply with the results.


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      The Carnetix was the better choice, honestly.
      If the Carnetix had older firmware, you can update the firmware yourself.

      But whatever.
      Getting this ATX compliant unit to work with your motherboard will be a kluge job, but it can be made to work.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Yeah, I would prefer the Carnetix if it functioned as advertised and it's under warranty so I'll get it replaced (this will probably take a while though.. I live in Australia). The fact that I was never able to have it shut down my win7 pc properly, coupled with the fact that it died after a few months sort of makes me want to try something something that's a bit simpler and doesn't require software (my needs aren't very complicated). Unfortunately it's the only PSU I can seem to find that's perfect for that motherboard.

        I had the newest firmware/software installed. From memory, it would work if I had PSUmoni "on top" some of the time. I seem to remember getting some third party tray app that made it a lot better, but still wasn't 100%. It was annoying having to wait an additional 30 secs every boot for the Safe Mode menu to disappear because it hadn't been shut down properly (obviously you can't skip it without a kb).

        Thanks for your input anyway. When I get the Chinese one I'll post an update (and likely request for help) on my 'kluge' job


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          Anyone know how to bypass the Safe Mode boot up screen after suffering a hard shutdown?
          Mazda RX-8 . Mac Mini 1.83 Core 2 Duo . Centrafuse 3.1 . Carnetix P2140 . Xenarc TSV7


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            I can see the option on my pc here under Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery (Time to display recovery options when needed).. but I seem to remember this not working properly for some reason.


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              I got the VP19-210 from ebay here and it works awesome so far. I had to jump a couple of the pins on the 24 pin connector to get it to turn on, but so far it works, and turns on and off as it should. I'm not exactly sure what it's doing standby/hibernation/shutdown wise, but it's always up within 1 min of starting the car (not long after the xenarc monitor opens/boots), so I don't really care (if anyone needs to know ill work it out). With the P2140 the time was generally extended by at least 30 seconds because Windows hadn't shut down properly and wanted to check if I wanted to go into safe mode.

              It's awesome value for a 210W PSU at $71 AUD ($68 USD) if nothing goes wrong. I guess time will tell if not using the 24 pin connector will kill it eventually (or it catches fire or something due to being cheaply designed).


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                Just following up to let ppl know how this went. The PSU has performed flawlessly for a month, except for one small issue in that it *almost* flattens my battery when I leave it for too long.

                The starter motor barely turns after being left for a few days (although I've never had it not start so I don't consider it too much of a problem). It also shuts down the Xenarc MDT-X7000 to the point where I have to enter the PIN code or whatever as if I've disconnected the battery (the Xenarc is not connected to the PSU at all). Not a big deal for me, but I imagine it could be in some vehicles. I don't know much about electrics and whatnot but I presume it's going to kill my battery over time too.

                So while the Carnetix one is theoretically better, I'm much happier with this one as whatever it's doing with hibernation/sleep, my PC turns on quickly every time.