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Frankenpowering a Dell Latitude

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  • Frankenpowering a Dell Latitude

    I posted this question on another forum here:

    I'll go over it again here..
    basically what i want to know is anyone powering a laptop thru the battery port with some alternative power source
    such as the DC>DC supplies for cars discussed here.

    I picked up a non working DELL latitude D600 with no supply and dead battery in hopes that its not dead but having
    power issues with supply or supply circuit. rather than buy a battery to test it I'm ready to apply 12v to the battery port in
    place of the 11.1v battery which porbably measures around 12v fully charged.

    Just wondering if any of you guys tried it or know if its do'able or destined to fail.

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    Your link didn't.

    Can you give some more info on the dell?
    Shape of the power connector.


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      addded another link about the D600 battery, shows a connector removed from a battery and wired for an experiment.
      and a photo of the battery


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        FWIW, I have one of these collecting dust.

        When it was still under warranty the batt discharged so far that it would not recharge.
        The dell tech replaced the mobo that had a badly carboned power connector.
        The same chargere/battery then gave/took a full charge.

        I'm all for helping you win your bet, do you want some deconstruction of my battery?


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          well now i hate to tear my own battery apart since yours was revived i would hope mine can be also.


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            I emailed the author of the these DELL battery aritcle at
            TheLaptopJunction website and he got right back to me.

            he says the laptop will not accept power at the battery port unless it is
            identified as a dell OEM battery, this is dissapointing to me because there are a
            multitude of issues with power coming from the AC adapter port and DC>DC converters are commoin at 12v but
            not at 19v really..

            are the 19v car chargers strong enough to run the computer alone?


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              Yes it is. I am booting on the charger with no battery on board.


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                thx billmee
                thats good to know but if the charger side is where the trouble is
                and i expect it is..
                prev owner said it just quit working one day.
                i may be lucky and it was just her charger died and she never tried another one.
                cant be that easy can it?
                i read about ppl having trouble with the jack and the power button and the board they mounted on.
                i just always expected to power in from the battery side.
                the battery store girl said she would test me with a battery so i may take her up on that. $99 for a ray o vac replacement
                maybe she will have a charger test for me too..


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                  which car charger do you use?

                  is this the right critter to plug into the power port?



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                    Originally posted by divxduude View Post
                    which car charger do you use?

                    is this the right critter to plug into the power port?

                    I've never used a laptop in a car install.
                    Too expensive, hard to work on, and usually poor sound quality.
                    I have two working carputers
                    1. uses a 12v carnetix and a 19v car psu bought on ebay.
                    2. other uses the above mentioned 19v psu and a homemade shutdown controller.
                    Working on a hibernate circuit right now for number 2.