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Tri-M PC-104 power supply...

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  • Tri-M PC-104 power supply...

    Has anyone looked into this power supply? It doesn't seem to do 3.3v, but it does do a pretty big range of input voltages (8-50). They don't have a cost on their site though...


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    well I sent them a price request.. will post it when they get back 2 me


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      I think you guys overlooked the part about the wattage only being 50 watts on this power supply. You need minimum 60 watts to run and EPIA board and that's the most efficient board out there. What can you power with 50 watts?

      The input is actually 6-50 volts rather than 8-50 volts but of course there shouldn't be any problems here.

      Now they have two other 60 watt power supplies with 6-40 volt input. But they have UPS built-in and we would have to ask for a quote to get a price. I would guess that they would be pricey.
      Here are the links:


      UPDATE: I was able to find the price of the 50W power supply by reading some of their newletters. The price is $295. I would be afraid to ask what the 60 watt unit would cost.


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        Originally posted by mag2
        I think you guys overlooked the part about the wattage only being 50 watts on this power supply.
        I didn't overlook anything. In fact I just didn't look. I was just gonna get a price quote for anyone who thought it was a viable option... and it's not. Even moreso with the price.

        Thank you for your inquiry regarding the HE104-HV. Pricing is as follows:

        HE104 High Efficiency Power Supply
        HE104-HV-16 50 Watt, [email protected], [email protected], (-40to+85C), Special High Voltage version, +6VDC~+50VDC input range $ 279

        Options for HE104 only
        OPT-5H optional -5VDC @ 400mA ** $ 35
        OPT-12H optional -12VDC @ 500mA ** $ 35
        OPT-512H optional -5VDC & -12VDC ** $ 70
        Options for V104 / HE104
        OPT-T optional AC bus termination ** $ 50
        RPD Reverse Polarity Diode Protection ** $ 15
        AIRCRAFT Conformal coating and epoxy ** $ 80
        ***All prices USD, FOB Tri-M Systems***

        Lead time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

        If you require a battery backup for your unit it can be done with the HE104 series, though we would recommend you move up to the HESC104. We also manufacture rugged PC/104 aluminum enclosures:

        If you have any other questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please contact me at your convenience.

        Best regards,
        Stephen Quinn


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          You said it right, definitely NOT an option.


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            I saw the low wattage, but was hoping ti might be cheap enough to make ganging up 2 or 3 of them an option, which is clearly not the case.



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              Yeah, these guys are right around the corner from my place, and I have looked into them before. WAYYYYY overpriced. The only thing is, that that was probably Canadian dollar, so for you US people, it would be about 30% cheaper. But still WAY too much.
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