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Best PSU for Jetway NC98-525-LF (to be powered by a 12V LiPo Battery)

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  • Best PSU for Jetway NC98-525-LF (to be powered by a 12V LiPo Battery)

    Hello, I need help in figuring out what is the best PSU for the Jetway NC98-525-LF
    reviewed in
    and sold in
    where the recommended power requirements for this motherboard is 60W
    according to

    The things is...this motherboard already comes with an onboard 12V DC to DC converter,
    so I don't really need (?) to use an M3-ATX to power it.
    However, the onboard 12V DC-DC converter might not be regulating the input voltage to 12V
    according to the following email reply I obtained from Logic Supply:
    "The issue you are going to run into if you try to use a battery is that the output from the battery is unregulated so the board will most likely not run, and may actually be damaged if the voltage fluctuates to much."

    So, I'm wondering what PSU should I use if I want to power-up this Mini-ITX motherboard using a 12V LiPo Battery? Is there any PSU that I can buy that just regulates my 12V LiPo Battery to the neccessary 12V that will also perfectly "fit/connect" to this Jetway NC98-525-LF ? But preferably, I would like the PSU to be able to "sense/measure" the battery's voltage, because I don't want to risk exploding my LiPo battery by draining it to dangerous levels.