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Suggested PSU for Kontron Pico-ITX-SP 1.6Ghz?

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  • Suggested PSU for Kontron Pico-ITX-SP 1.6Ghz?


    I'm going to be ordering some hardware soon, and most things I have figured out, however I'm planning on running a Kontron Pico-ITX-SP 1.6Ghz mobo w/2GB of ram, a 60GB SSD, and a bunch of USB devices (probably powered via two external USB hubs).

    What I'm asking for though is help in identifying a PSU that will work with this board... because it only takes +4.25 - +5.25v INPUT via a DC jack on the mobo, plus enough power to run all 6 onboard USB ports.

    I'm thinking this device :

    but not sure if it would really fit what I need.

    The other things I intend on running with this will be :

    7" liliput touch LCD,
    dc powered USB hub x 2
    usb wifi dongle
    usb bluetooth dongle
    usb gps antennae
    usb OBDII reader
    usb Griffin Powermate volume knob
    a DTA45 Internal Amplifier
    probably a backup camera
    DAB/FM Radio controller

    All being controlled via Centrafuse 3 North America.

    Any suggestions / comments are welcome.


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    Looks like a solid choice.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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