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Ps2 Slimline dc-dc converter..Buzzing noise + interference?

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  • Ps2 Slimline dc-dc converter..Buzzing noise + interference?

    Hi, I have a carpc setup and also have a ps2 slimline too, mainly for DVD playback. I am using a Ciggy lighter DC-DC PSU for the slimline which does its job however the PSU makes an annoying buzzing sound which changes frequency depending on the power load. This interference is also very much audible from the speakers and visual as horizontal lines on the screen.

    I have tried running the PSU power source direct from the m2-atx power supply in my carpc as this supply is obviously regulated / filtered, but this has made no difference. I am yet to look inside the PS2 's PSU but i am pretty dam certain that a component in there is what's causing all the interference.

    Any ideas what this is and how i can solve it? The carpc / LCD that i have moulded into the dash and the PS2 combo are amazing to have in my car but the interference needs to go!

    Here is the psu i am using :-

    Hope someone can help.


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    i would check for any bad capacitors (i.e. bulging heads, discoloration, or they just get really hot). barring that, you may add more capacitors on the output line to try and get rid of any voltage ripple. if that doesnt work, you might add a small inductor in series of the output, then on the output side of the inductor put a capacitor, this helps get rid of high frequency noise, other than that, it probably just isnt worth it to put much more work into it.