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Power solutions with Deadman timer?

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  • Power solutions with Deadman timer?

    Hey all,

    Currently I have a Opus 150W and have built a relay to kill 5v rail. I'm upgrading mobo and OS, and want to take advantage of Hybrid Sleep, but I need a deadman feature so 5v doesn't kill battery if parked for too long. So I'm trying to find a power solution with a deadman timer. I know the Carnetix P1900/2140 have the deadman feature, but I am unsure of how to implement, as I understand it is only a "regulator". With Opus, I have everything wrapped in a neat package (minus the deadman, of course), so I lack comfort choosing the individual components (i.e. regulater, psu, etc.)

    I'm hoping for advice.

    New motherboard is Intel D510MO. I also power Xenarc 700TS off the current Opus. So if I go with P2140, I then need a PSU? Which PSU should I use?

    My current opus has a mounting point under the dash with ATX extension running to MB. I would love to do the same. The p2140 case looks like it would work up there, but if only it has a psu in it. Is there a better solution? Like maybe something neat/enclosed, but with deadman feature?

    Sorry to seem like a noob.... My install has been in for over 5 years, but I just can't wrap my head around this.


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      OK... after some more reading, It looks like the M4ATX with a tweaked Hardoff should do what I need.

      However, I am still confused about one thing. The Carnetix units seem to have an identity crisis. They have all these nice features and are almost "PSUs". They even call them PSUs on But, in truth, they stop just short of being PSUs, requiring onboard supply to take the power to the PC. So I assumed I could buy a "dumb" supply to sit between Carnetix and mobo... Apparently I was wrong. Is there not a way for motherboard builds to use a Carnetix unit?


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        Not that I can answer your cnx status, but merely FYI...
        Using an SPST relay wired to latch on (with any sort of +ve pulse or a momentary push button) and a low-voltage sensor in its "latch hold" feedback line provides low voltage protection.

        The LV sensor can be an MW728 (~$20) which can handle loads to 10A, but hence I suggest if power a relay instead for loads above 10A as well as various "latching" features - including "manual on" needed after a low0voltage power down.
        Manual on & off can also be added.
        The MW728's 11.2V off voltage can also be increased (with external diodes).

        Just FYI if interested. Some options have been covered in my other posts...