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Not enough power???

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  • Not enough power???

    I finally got my Carnetix p1900 and I think it is not enough power getting to my carputer. The power brick has 19V 7.89a on it as DC output. If I am calculating it
    (19V x 7.89a= 149.9W) correctly it would be in the neighborhood of 150w. Is this correct? If so would I be ok in buying the cnx-2140 instead seeing that it says 185w? I am also wanting to power my lcd which is 12V. Really need help, I have searched the forums for hours and it seems no one has a power brick that is even close to 7.89a. By the way its a
    AOPEN UX915G-M motherboard and the sticker on the computer says 19V 150w output. When i power the p1900 up it goes through the normal led sequence but when I put a multimeter on the end of the barrel connecter to go into the computer it only reads 7-8V, what gives? If I connect the multimeter to the pos and neg of the benchtop power supply then it reads 19V. it seems like the power drops considerably once it gets to the other end where i need to plug into the computer.

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    it seems that the 2140 would be a better alternative.
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