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DSATX cold start issue

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  • DSATX cold start issue

    I'll cut right to it. I'm having issues with my newly installed rig booting up after sitting for extended periods in about 40 degree F temps. Yeah, not too cold. I turn the ignition switch, DSATX powers up and provides power to motherboard and LCD. Xenarc turns on and then "Power off". Because the motherboard does not POST, yet the CPU and case fans are on. The DSATX flashes twice for several minutes if I switch off ACC. Finally the DSATX and motherboard shut down. When when I switch ACC back on, I get the POST screen, computer boots normally and everything is fine. Countdown timer is at zero, so I don't understand why the DSATX is blinking twice. It's either the motherboard at fault (Gigabyte K8N series) maybe some temp protection feature? or some DSATX setting that I am not aware of (there's so many).

    Does anyone know what the problem is and maybe provide a solution? Kind of defeats the purpose of a car PC having to wait for it to warm up or whatever is going on. Especially when it does it in 40 degree temps, that's something I would have to deal with every day.


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    I know the DSATX has a setting for max operating temp and min operating temp.
    Yours could very well be set w/ a min temp that is too high.

    Do yoyu have a brainstem to get into the DSATX settings and tweak it?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I knew it had temp protection, but I had no idea that it would be so high. Looking at the manual it seems the default low temp is 10 degrees celcius, which is 50 degrees F. So I suppose that probably is the issue. Although the manual says it will not provide power (which it is powering the CPU and system fan), and it says it will blink 4 times, when it's actually blinking twice every second or so. Those discrepancies are why I didn't think it would be the temp protection.

      Can anyone confirm the symptoms described in the original post are what happens when the thermal protection is activated?

      Edit: A closer look to the manual shows that the default minimum temp is actually -10C. So I assume it isn't the thermal protection considering it should be set at the default value..


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        Well in case anyone with the same issues stumbles on this thread, I swapped CPU's which seems to have fixed the problem. I was using an Athlon 64 3000 that had been overheated by accident, so I suppose it doesn't like the cold now.