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Power supply for Via Artigo A1000?

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  • Power supply for Via Artigo A1000?

    I picked up a Via Artigo A1000 kit from a conference a few years back. It's a cool little machine that's powerful enough for what I want to do. All I'm really doing is hooking this guy up in my car along with a 7" touchscreen to run a tuning program (DSMLink) so I no longer have to have a laptop sitting in the passenger seat when I'm tuning the car or logging data. So my problem now is finding a power supply to connect to the car. Originally I ordered the M3-ATX-HV PSU not thinking that the board does not use standard ATX. I tried looking on their website (A1000 Kit), but I couldn't find much info on the power supply.

    It looks like the one that's currently in the box is a 12V DC/DC PSU and came with a power cord with an AC converter in it. The converter says it takes an AC input of 100-240V ~ 1.8A. 56/60Hz and has a DC output of +12V/5A. Now inside the box, the PSU board has a connector of which I am not familiar with. It appears proprietary as it connects ONLY to the main board, and then the main board supplies power to the USB ports, PATA hard drive, and other peripherals.

    Is there something I can use to connect the round plug in the back (12V DC) that I can wire to the ignition and have it turn on/off the mobo?