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basic 12 volt regulation

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  • basic 12 volt regulation

    Guys, here is what I am working on. I have set up in my vehicle:
    1. a media stream player (Seagate Freeagent Theater)
    2. a USB powered 750 GB drive (adequately powered off of player's 5v usb)

    Set up is currently going to a couple of portable dvd players with busted dvd drives ad hoc placed in car, but I am going to grab a cheap $100 800x400 drop down

    Streamer takes 12 volt in. I am currently powering this by use of 400w inverter and steamers oem 120 ac to 12v dc converters on a power strip of the the inverter.

    I realize you guys are mostly working with car PC installs and are concerned with protecting expensive and sensitive equipment.

    Really my stuff is pretty cheap, and frankly my budget is low.

    What is your recommendation for giving myself better deficiency, less cumbersome than inverter with 120-12 warts, and a touch of protection from spikes?

    Keep in mind my player cost me $45 and it is likely there is some amount of minimal regulation in its 5volt usb output to the hdd. I intend to remove the hdd during very cold and hot weather, and it will have no irreplaceable data (just MKV video and audio content from my home server). I am just looking for some added insurance,a nd less messy wiring at low cost.

    do you think one of these things would help?

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    Or would running one of each of these in series do a better job?

    Again just looking for a simple way to insure as close to 12v as possible.