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Trying to use carputer in my home

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  • Trying to use carputer in my home

    Hello I have an Xenarc mini car PC its similar to this pc just the specs are a little different.

    it has windows XP Black edition x86 installed
    hard drive space reads at 27.9gb
    512mb ram
    Intel Pentium III 1.0ghz processor

    no wifi or bluetooth installed but it does have LAN connection and is able to go online when I connected it to my router

    Anyways I got the PC in a trade for some other car gear I had ive tested the PC and used it a couple of times so i know it works just fine when hooked up to a 12v battery. I cant use it in my car yet but I would like to use the PC in my house for a home automation project im working on the only problem is that I cant get the PC to work in my home without the PC being directly connected to a car battery. My car pc takes 12vdc to run so I grabbed an extra 280w ATX power supply and modified it slightly so that it just puts out 12vdc without being connected to a motherboard (all you have to do is short out 2 wires to accomplish this) I then grabbed all the 12v wires and bundled them together and did the same with the grounds. I then connected the PCs pos and neg to my 12v and ground leads coming off of my atx power supply the power supply starts up fine but when I turn the car pc on the power supply shuts off which I assume is due to some over current protection or something built into the power supply. My first question would be is there a way to go about bypassing the over current protection on the power supply? or am I going to need some sort of special power supply to power car pc in my home?