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  • Power!


    I have looked at the chart that is avalible but just want to make sure.

    I need to know what wire I'm going to need to power the following.

    I currently have a 4 guage which goes to a distribution box splitting to two 8 gauge cables powering my:

    Vibe A0 Slick Amp:

    # 2-channel Amplifier (Bridgeable mono)
    # RMS output @ 4ohm: 2 x 75W
    # RMS output @ 2ohm: 2 x 100W
    # RMS 1 channel bridged @ 4-ohm: 1 x 200W
    # Max power: 400W


    FLI 15" 1200w Sub:

    RMS power 400 watts
    Peak power 1200 watts
    Minimum Input 200 watts RMS

    I have purchased an M4-ATX PSU for my carputer. If I was to purchase a new distribution block to split the 4 gauge cable into three 8 gauge cables would this be enough power for each device?

    It's a renault clio so the 4 gauge probably runs about 3/4 meters?

    Any help will be apprechiated,



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    the easiest way is to always add up the fuses--on almost all devices, the fuse rating is the max expected load of the device..

    so the m4 has a 25a fuse, and the amp has 2 15 amp fuses, so a assumed total draw of 55amps..

    and my nice lil' chart:

    which shows that 4 ga is fine for that amount of load.
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