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  • Power Inverter Brand to Use

    What brand of power inverter do you guys use?
    I was looking at a TrippLite 300,APC and some that Belkin makes.
    I'm going to toss it in on an order I got to place for some PC stuff here and can get it discounted...Any problems with any of these brands?

    Also as far as cutting the cigerette plug off, Do you guys use some other type of cable to extended it into your car from the batt?I know I want to fuse it at the batt, but what about where I connect the extened cable run to the cord that actually comes out of the inverter. One I'mlooking at has a 30 amp fuse so should I use a 30 amp inline fuse also or a 20 amp fuse. Heard some use a 20 amp fuse

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    I have a tripplite 300w psu. Works very good. I had noise when running into input of headunit, but now it goes dirctly into an amp and has no noise at all.
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