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    i'm brainstorming here.. i plan on building a high performance carpc that will be able to handle basically anything thrown at it. i'd like to run an intel i-series on it, but don't have all the hardware picked out yet. what do you all think my options are for power? the most i've heard of dedicated for carpc's is the opus 320w, but i'd like more than that just to be on the safe side.

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    More than 360W (the Opus you are talking about is actually 360W)? My i3-530 HTPC playing 1080p content doesn't come anywhere near needing that much power. I think 360W is more than sufficient for whatever carpc you are dreaming up.

    Pick out your hardware and then figure out the power requirements before you choose the power supply - that's the best way to prevent buying a p/s that is too much/too little for what you need.
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      there's a few i series mb's out there with integrated/on-board nvidia graphics that will use <100watts and do anything you'd need (save for hardcore gaming)