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DSATX Forces Mobo Power-on Prematurely Causing 5-blinks

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  • DSATX Forces Mobo Power-on Prematurely Causing 5-blinks

    Somehow the DSATX forces the motherboard to power itself on as soon as it receives accessory power. This happens every other time that the DSATX receives accessory power and it just started happening recently. I had it working for a few months reliably before that.

    A more in-depth explanation:
    - ACC Power On
    - CPU fan spins up then dies
    - DSATX LED in 5-blink pattern
    - ACC Power Off
    - DSATX blinking stops (LED totally off)
    - ACC Power On
    - DSATX LED solid red
    - 2s later PC starts normally (because of the cable from the DSATX to turn it on)
    - ACC Power Off
    - PC powers down normally
    - DSATX LED blinks twice then off
    And then the process repeats itself.

    This is not caused by the cable from the DSATX to the power switch, I have removed it and it will still mysteriously power on the PC every other time resulting in the 5-blink pattern.

    This is not the fault of the motherboard, I have tried another motherboard and I get the same exact results.

    I do not have a brainstem to hook up to my DSATX.

    Is my DSATX just hosed or is there something that I can do to remedy this issue.

    (Results are the same in the car or on a bench with a power supply providing the voltage to the DSATX)

    * EDIT *

    I tried to start the DSATX in "dumb" mode with nothing attached. It would not power on.
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