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  • Opus Power Limits

    I have aquestion for those of you with an Opus. I need to power the following:

    CPU + Heat Sink
    1 Fan
    Hard Drive
    PCI Video Card
    Wireless Lan

    Now I know from talking to Kris(Opus Guy) this can be done no problem. But I also want to add the following external items:

    USB DVD Drive
    7" VGA Screen
    USB Hub

    In order to wire these to the Power Supply I have to cut open the Wires for the included power cables and wire them into the Opus. Can the Opus handle that much? I think it can handle the total Watts, but the guy who is going to install it for me said that the total amps (I think) would be like 6+ and the Opus has a Max of 5. Can anyone who understands what I am trying to ask clarify this?


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    Sorry for replying to my own thread but I did some more research and I guess I have another question. On the box on one of the power cords (a regulator?) It says Output: +5v 3.0A, 12v 2.0A.

    Does this mean I need to take into account both the 12v and 5v into my total amp calculation?

    So according to the Telek's Calculator

    I require 4.75A on the 5v, 2.7A on the 12v. I then need to add these 3 devices I mentioned above. My total watts is about 142. But my 12v is like 6A. Not sure what to do or if I am even in the right ball park.


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      The Opus power supply can have max of these values on the rails

      +3.3v 10A max, 15A peak

      +5v 12A max, 15A peak

      +12v 5A max, 6.5A peak

      -12v .2A max, .4A peak

      +5VSB 1A max, 1.2A peak

      Keep in mind the peak Amps are only for a split second, like for when peripherals need a high startup current.

      Add up all your parts and make sure you don't exceed the rating on any rail, and you'll be fine.
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        Well it looks like am going to be over the Max on the 12v line. What other way can I power my DVD player. Will using an inverter for just this piece introduce noise into the system?
        My total Amps on the 12v will be about 5.9 a little too high. Any suggestions?

        How can I hack the AC adaptor and plug it into the opus? Any ideas?


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          you know mhermann I didnt reply to your post but you got PM with answers.
          Mine needs to be updated.


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            Thanks for your PM SAMC. You and a couple other users PM'd me. I got all the info that I needed. I just want to say that this board is filled with great and helpful users.