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How to Power this PSU inside?

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  • How to Power this PSU inside?

    HI Folks:

    I'm getting ready to build my CarPC. Right now I am working on my skin for RR. I received my carPC from the vendor and it has a 6 pin power supply. I want to power it on inside and get it going. I was going to go buy a battery charger from a local store to get it powered on from the 110 outlet inside my house, but I'm not sure if that is the right direction or what to buy?

    Heres what I got for a unit because of the options:

    Here is what the manual says for wiring:
    3-2 Wiring

    3-2.1 Red Wire – Your constant power should be taken directly from the
    battery or from an auxiliary fuse location with a minimum of 15A of
    dedicated power. Do not use any kind of cigarette lighter plug. Your
    constant power should come directly from the battery using 12 or 14
    AWG wire. This line should have a 15A fuse in line as close to the
    battery as possible. When running the constant power line, do not insert
    the in line fuse or connect it to the battery until the computer is properly
    grounded and all of the connections have been made.

    3-2.2 White Wire— Accessory or ignition wire.

    3-2.2.1 OPTION 1 Use a voltmeter to locate a circuit that does not
    have power when the vehicle is off, but does have power
    when the vehicle is turned on. This line should be 18 AWG
    wire and run to the white wire on the PC. This line should
    be fused at 5A even if it comes from a fuse protected line. It
    will protect the original circuit if you ever have a short in the

    3-2.2.2 OPTION 2 Run a second wire from the battery, fused at 5A,
    with 18AWG wire to a toggle switch and then to the white
    wire of the PC. Throwing the toggle switch will simulate
    turning the vehicle on or off.
    3-2.3 Black Wire— This is the ground wire. Run a 12 or 14AWG wire from
    the black wire on the PC to the chassis of the vehicle. Test the grounding
    point you have chosen with a voltmeter to be sure that it is a proper
    ground. You cannot ground to a painted surface; it must be bare
    metal. If you get noticeable engine noise you may have a bad ground or
    ground loop.
    3-2.4 Blue Wire— This is the remote on wire. Connect this line to your amps
    remote on input, if you are using an amp. This line will be on a five Page | 6

    second delay to prevent popping from the speakers while Windows™

    3-2.5 Yellow Wire – This provides +5V to power the DVD player. Do NOT
    apply power to this wire as it is an output only. Connect this wire to
    the yellow wire on the DVD power extension cable.

    3-2.6 Green Wire – Provides a ground wire for the +5V line (yellow).
    Connect this wire to the green wire on the DVD power extension cable.

    So can I power it inside the house with car battery charger?

    Thanks for any advise.

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    No, a battery charger isn't what you want. Just build a 12V test bench, like this:

    Once built, you connect the 12V and IGN to the 12V+ on your bench, and connect the ground to the bench ground. Turn on the power supply and your car computer will come to life.
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      There's a FAQ that is all about using a standard ATX PSU to test inside, which is basically what kegobeer's link does.
      Don't use a battery charger, as he said.
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      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Thanks guys for the quick response.