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Need help: Did my M4-ATX die?

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  • Need help: Did my M4-ATX die?

    Hi to everyone!

    First of all: Sorry for my English, I come from Germany ;-)

    I hope somebody can help me out with following (as I still hope I didnt blow my M4-ATX):

    I just finishied building up my car-pc with a M4-ATX power supply.

    I set it into P1 mode, connected it to GND, +12V, and IGN and connected the ATX-Cable from the car-pc.
    Normally the LED then should start to blink, waiting for IGN, right?
    But it doesnt... it just does nothing.
    When I start IGN the LED should be on, but it isnt.

    I measured wiring: GND to +12V: 12,8V, GND to IGN (when off): 0V, GND to IGN (when on): 12,6V.

    So I disconnected all cables, waited for about 10 mins, switched the DIP to P0 (all DIPs off), connected it to GND and +12V (without IGN) and connected the ATX-Cable again.
    The LED still does nothing. I also cant start the carpc with its powerbutton (which I directly connected to the mainboard to test P0 mode).

    When I try to reset the M4 as described in the manual (disconnect, Jumper to P1, connect), the LED flashes for less than a sec, then does nothing. When I disonnect the M4 and take off the jumper P1, the LED flashes again and fades out then.

    Does anybody have an idea how to do further tests to make sure the M4 is (or is not) broken?
    At the moment I think it crashed...

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    it sounds like you went through all the common trouble shooting stuff already.

    but just to confirm some of the easy stuff (no offense to your technical aptitude, but i know i have skipped/forgotten some of these things while trouble shooting):
    have you connected all the carpc hardware to a different power supply to make sure it works correctly?

    did you measure your +12v, and ground terminals, to make sure that the psu has a constant supply of power?

    if you are powering the m4 from a car, have you tried a different ground location?
    or if you are using a ac-dc psu to power the m4, maybe try it using a car battery instead?

    and finally, have you checked the fuse on the m4 to make sure that it is not blown?
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      thanks for your answer.

      The first thing I did was checking the fuse. I didnt just look at it but also checked it with my multimeter (just because I wanted to be sure it didnt blow).

      I also measured the voltage of my power-wires for the M4:

      GND to 12V: 12,8V
      GND to IGN (off): 0V
      GND to IGN (on): 12,6 V

      I didnt try another ground location as the wires for 12V and GND are 10mm˛ wires each, and the GND-wire got a length of 30cm only, so this should be ok for each wire I think?

      The complete hardware (except of the M4) works fine as I tested it with a standard psu I took out of a desktop PC.

      Think I have to order a new M4 tomorrow...