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Help please -> Let's assume I am stupid.

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  • Help please -> Let's assume I am stupid.

    I have searched and read everything on this forum and on others but I am still left in the dark about the dc-dc power supplies.

    If I am reading correctly there really is not a good solution yet. Is this true?

    Could someone please break it down for me?

    What is needed? (Let's assume the normal via 800mhz motherboard as I do not want to confuse the issue more with the M series)

    I understand there needs to be:

    1. a DC-DC psu. Is a sproggy good enogh? Anything else that will not cost as much as an Opus?
    2. A startup / shutdown controller?
    3. DC regulator?

    Is all of this required? Where is the best place to get these (even in kit form) What are the costs associated with a good setup? I would anticipate that I will not use a CD/DVD ROM drive but only a hard drive.

    Any help will be appreciated as I want to buy the right stuff the first time.


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    200 dollars for the opus, You wont regret it.
    What im curently listening to.
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      We need a Nub trophy... This man wins the prize for doing his homework.

      You'll need (1) and maybe (2) if you don't feel like turning the computer off on your own, and you want it to shutdown automatically. You'll need the basic computer parts to make it a computer (MB, HD, RAM, CPU etc..)

      (3) Is not nessecary. A proper DC-DC powersupply will work on the full range that your battery outputs (normally 9-14 volts DC)

      Some of the cheaper (read commercially made, but not designed as well) supplies only work at 12v DC and require a 12v regulator to operate without breaking.

      Opus Solutions, Arise (magicpower), Sproggy, and the Jeff Mucha DC-DC all should operate without regulators.


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        Oh, and if all you're running is a VIA EPIA board, a hard drive, and some kind of low-power display, then you'll be fine with a sproggy.


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          Thanks for not flaming me. I like to learn by reading but it just kept getting worse the more that I read

          So to recap I would be fine with doing a sproggy and shutdown controller if I do not want to manually shut down the computer. Other than that I should be set right? (Not counting the obvious that is HD, MB, LCD, etc)

          Thanks again!!!!


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            I dont know if you read this but it's a good amount of the info gathered.
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