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Help me out, anybody tried either of these two regulators?

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  • Help me out, anybody tried either of these two regulators?

    First offering- 8-30v input, 2-16v adjustable output(5A at 12v, 60w). Ebay item# 220755391224 They claim a 94% efficiency. For $28, it seems too good to be true. Secondly- 8-40v input, 12v 80w 10amp output. Ebay item# 260739052558 Lots of range, plenty of power, efficient(90%). At $55, even it looks like a bargain to me. Somebody must know something about these. I just want it to run my television in my car. I don't want to spend $85 for a DSX12VD, to protect a $173 tv. Also, anybody happen to know about how long you can run a 35w 12v television on a large marine battery?

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    on the subject of the tv on battery, depends on the amphour rating of the battery

    35w @ 12 v = 2.91 amps

    so a 100 AH battery could theoretically run a 2.91a tv for 35 hours

    however most marine/car battery's only state CCA which is alot different to AH, and it also depends on conditions eg. Hot/Cold, and the voltage drop that is caused.

    From my own experience, I can run my sterio at 10-15% (drawing roughly 3-4 amps) off my car battery 600CCA for 4 hours and still start, hopefully that may help you with real world examples.

    so in short if you know the AH rating of your battery, you could roughly work it out, AH / 2.91.

    hope this has helped