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M4-ATX auto resumes?

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  • M4-ATX auto resumes?

    1) My M4-atx (freshly installed) would resume by itself after I put it into hibernate continuously. 3 auto resumes, 3 auto hibernations = computer off. Apply the ignition and it does not go into resume but starts (fresh start) as if you would first start a computer.

    2) If I send the shut down command, it will restart by itself and wont turn off until it has restarted 3-4 times on it's own (i wasn't counting but it was around those X numbers before the cpu fan kicked off).

    Any pointers?
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    did you fix it? I have the same problem too ;(


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      No, I've concluded that it's a POS from the start. Let's see if they can send me a working one.


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        I had similar issues and resolved by replacing the peice of hardware that wasn't allowing it to sleep. It very well may be your M4-ATX but i would rule out other options first before sending it back.

        Try plugging in your regular power supply to see if the problem persists. in my case the problem did persist. Then i started removing hardware and usb devices until it worked. Turns out it was a dell broadband card that i was trying to use in the mini pcie slot on my Zotac board.
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          No I didn't have any pcmacia car or wathever... just connect directly to the USB the mini BT, and mini keyboard... ;(
          thanks for your reply