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Statpower inverter remote switch wiring

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  • Statpower inverter remote switch wiring

    I have an older Statpower ProWatt 800 inverter running my system (by choice, I know most will say to run a DC-DC power supply, but I have my reasons for going this route). There's a socket on the bottom for a remote power switch, but all the remote switches I've seen for sale are on a mounting plate as big as a normal electrical socket faceplate and none show the backside of the plate to show how big or little the switch itself is.

    Does anyone know if I can just jumper two of the conductors in the jack to use my own switch, or is there other circuitry involved? I can also just as easily solder in wires on the existing switch on the inverter and just add another in parallel, but if I can do it without mods to the inverter (remote switch would go to a normal RJ12 jack on the inverter), all the better

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    There are some pictures there. I'm assuming it's the same remote switch that is used on all their inverters? We have a few prosine's at work that we use the switch with. It has some electronics in it, but I'm not sure if that is to make it latching or actually required for the signal. Perhaps contact Xantrex and ask? They're fairly friendly
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      A switch is usually a switch, but that remote has a status LED as well.

      And maybe the remote on has to be a certain resistance - like an alarm trigger...


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        the easiest thing to do might be to buy one of the product-specific switches, and take it apart. after you determine what all the components do, and if they are required, you could remotely mount a switch with a similar function as the original, and then remote-mount the product-specific switch panel, so all the required components are still intact behind the dash..
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