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Atx Power Supply!!!!!!

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  • Atx Power Supply!!!!!!

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site, i been checkin on all the info here, so i've decided to make my own carputer thanks to all of you.

    i've got everything only thing that i hate is the POWER SUPPLY, its big, so i've decided to take it out of the its case but i've noticed one of the wires has an EARTH LINK, so where can i place that wire if my case is gonna be made out of plexi????

    remember, the power supply is gonna be inside the case

    Thank alot, hope to hear your replies

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    That has to be the ground, ground it out to any other ground you within your computer. Also if you have a bare piece of metal ground it out to that.

    You cant go wrong with over grounding.
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      can i GROUND it to my VGA card which is installed in the AGP Slot, coz as u know it has a long metal, or tell me any other part.



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        you need to ground it to an unpainted peice of metal on you car!


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          exactly DONT GROUND IT TO A Computer card.
          What im curently listening to.
          My complete carpc setup


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            Do I have to drag up the story about the chap who thought "ground" meant putting the black wire into a bit of dirt that he had bolted to the chassis? apperently a "good earth" was very nice for sunflowers in winter, but not quite good enough for the earth for his 200watt car stereo.

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