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  • Cigarette Lighter / Power

    I have seen a few posts telling people not to hook an inverter up to a cigarette lighter, why is this? Sorry if this question has been asked before but I have searched and could not find anything.

    1> Is it best to find a 12v line and power them this way?

    2> Are there any power supplys which will come on automatically and shut down automatically when the engine is switched on / off.

    3> I have seen other posts which some information on; but all of these explain that some other products are needed, which need some kind of wiring or soldering. Are their any products which can be connected straight through the power supply?

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    dont connect the the inverter to the cigarette lines because of he power requirements of the inverter.

    1 - yes I would go directly to the battery
    2 - Yes they are called Opus
    3 - huh? totally lost
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      ya going from the cig lighter is a bad idea. Its a really high guage wire and I'd be worried you might burn it out. Plus lots of people get noise if they do it that way
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        point 3

        sorry, point three was meant to be about a shutdown controller for a pc. Can the power on button (therefore the lead for the power supply) be ran through to the dash, so that I can switch it on and off from there. Also when the engine is turned off, will the pc automatically switch off? if the power is coming from an inverter?