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Not a Conventional Power Button Prong?

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  • Not a Conventional Power Button Prong?

    so I'm trying to setup my Car PC inside the house using a regular power supply and when i go to use the power button prong on the Motherboard i notice that instead of it having 2 prongs (a + and a - ) there is only 1 Prong for Power SW.

    so how the hell do i start the pc?

    here's a pic of what i mean

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    what model motherboard is it?
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      Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
      what model motherboard is it?
      Jetway 7F2WE1G5D-OC-LF

      can't find it on the website but this is the closest model number and it looks very similar:
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        nvm... i figured it out... it's the wrong Prongs even though the legend is right next to it.

        it's like so:


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          It does say JW_FP below the right prongs though, doesn't it?


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            Those three prongs that you thought were power LED and power switch are actually a 2nd set of headers for a 3prong power LED. Jetway is nice about this; they offer 2 prong and 3prong headers for your case's LED's since cases tend to vary there.

            Jetway ran out of room on the PCB near the FPanel so they had to put the "map" over there. This is fairly typical with Jetway mainboards in general