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How to mount M2-ATX in non-conventional case.

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  • How to mount M2-ATX in non-conventional case.

    Sooo, I basically DIYed a case out of an old microatx case, making it much smaller and more suited to my needs. Now, the only place to mount my m2-atx is on a bare aluminum portion of my case.

    I don't know much about electronics, but I do know that mounting straight onto aluminum can't be good... so, what are my options? Could I get away with using thick double sided tape to make a "platform" of sorts to mount it on?

    I don't have access to standoffs so that's not an option

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    i was originally going to say that it would work.

    but i am a little worried that with constant pressure, some of the solder joints could poke through the double sided tape and short out.

    what about mounting the m2 to a sheet of plastic(like this), and then use the double sided tape to mount the plastic?
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      i would recommend using M3 metric thread (fairly typical machine screw with mini-itx computers)
      or you could use 6-32 american thread (fairly typical with ATX computers)

      a length of 5-10mm should be fine, obviously depending on your case and space allotment
      drill a couple holes somewhere, mount those up, good to go


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        Washers, bolts, and nuts. You can build your own stand offs with these that will be perfectly function and won't risk shorting (as soundman98 mentioned). Use a bit of lock tight to keep vibrations from causing any looseness.