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my dsatx died

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  • my dsatx died

    backstory: my carpc has been on the fritz for the last couple times i drove the car- shutting off randomly, not starting up, shutting off and requiring 10-30min before turning back on..

    this past weekend i had to go to a mall about 60mi away. and the carpc died 30min into the trip. it would occasionally start up after the use of some special words, and some feverish power-button+ acc-button presses, but never ran for anymore then 5min at a time.

    on the way home, it died leaving the lot, and never came back on...

    i finally had a chance to trouble shoot it, and the dsatx appears to have bit the dust.

    it uses the same power and ground wires as my alarm, which works flawlessly so that rules out poor connections..

    and, it has started making a buzzing noise while attempting to turn on(seems to be coming from the IC between the status led and the edge of the board). i tried a psu tester, and still nothing..

    so i'm looking for opinions:

    should i get another dsatx, or try my luck with a different model.

    i know that a m2, m4, dsatx, opus 120, or opus 360 would work with my pc from previous debates.
    size really isn't a concern.

    pc specs:
    zotac 9300 board
    pentium dual core (E5200)
    2gb ram
    usb soundcard, keyboard, wifi, dvd drive

    any opinions?
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided

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    Send a PM to zootjeff.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      yes definitely contact jeff regarding it he has top notch customer service and has always helped me with problems. If you do end up having to replace your PSU i'd still recommend the DSATX over any of the m# devices. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        That's not good... If you end up replacing it, let me know, I have one sitting in the corner collecting dust.
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          ok, i pmed zootjeff, we'll see what happens.

          thefreeauction--i'll try to remember to let you know. but if someone else wants it, don't let me hold you back from selling it..
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
          carpc undecided