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Problem with my power supply?

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  • Problem with my power supply?

    I have the Casetronic MINI ITX-2699R case and I was wondering if I maybe have a bad powersupply in the case? Whenever the computer is off but still plugged in, the case and CPU fan are still running. However, when I plug in a regular ATX power supply it behaves normally. I would like to upgrade the power supply to the Opus one in the future, but I dont think its completly necessary at the moment.

    I am just beginning to put everything together.. and here is what I have so far if it helps

    - Casetronic MINI ITX-2699R
    - EPIA M10000 MOBO
    - 512 MB of DDR ram
    - Spare 20 gig I had lying around
    - AverTV Studio Deluxe for TV and FM. (I cant get it to pick up TV, what am I doing wrong?)

    Also, I have noticed the computer randomly decides to restart when I do certain things. For instance, when I change the screen resolution, I have to set it to take effect after restarting or else it will flip out and restart on its own.

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    May not be anything wrong with the power supply but it may not have enough wattage to power all of your stuff. Since the power supplies that come with those are only like 60 watts or something like that.


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      It powers everthing fine, although I had to use an ATX power supply for installing the OS from a cd rom. Now that everything is all done I can run the computer just fine and I have that shut down problem with the ATX 250 watt supply.

      All I need to know is if it powering the fans when its supposed to be off is normal or not for this power supply. If it isnt I can send it back.



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        The CPU and case fans should definitely be off when the computer is off.

        I have the same case and PSU, and very similar setup in general to you, and my motherboard wouldn't boot if my Xenarc monitor was plugged in (even if the monitor was switched off). In the end I sent the motherboard back, but someone suggested it could be the PSU that's the problem, so when I get another Nehemiah I'll find out - I myself might have to send the 2699R back!


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          Thanks for the reply dansoton, I will probably be sending the case back for a new one then. Do you have any pics of your install or its progress?

          Also, I am unsure if my motherboard is a Nehemiah or not. It has a larger heatsink for the north and south bridge as some people suggested that the Nehemiah's had. I hope it is.


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            ELEmental59437, no problem. Unfortunately I don't have any pics at the moment, but will in a couple of weeks, as I haven't actually started the project yet as I am waiting til I finish Uni for the year which is this wednesday, then I start the project which i'm taking on as a summer project to keep me occupied!! I will send pics when the project is started.

            I'm going to order another Nehemiah this week, so I will find out if it was the PSU - I contacted Via and apparently they have had a lot of trouble with the Casetronic PSUs - which isn't promising!!

            Again I'll post back and let you know if it is the psu (fingers crossed it's not)


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              I think I read somewhere else that with some PCs i'ts normal for the fans to stay on for a while after powering off. The purpose is to cool down the microprocessor... or something like that.


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                But its not the motherboard because it acts normally when a regular PS is hooked up (not the cubid) and it does it even when being off for a long time.