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Ahh help laptop boot?

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  • Ahh help laptop boot?

    Right where do i start, i am mounting my laptop behind the seat of my MR2, very small cockpit space, from of boot full of amps etc, the problem i have then:

    I can tell the laptop to go into standby when the power to the transformer is killed, after 5 min, which gives me enough time if i stop for petrol etc.

    What i dont know is, how long will the laptop last on standby, e.g. 1 day, 2 days etc, and how do i get the laptop to wake up form standby, i can get it to wake by pressing the retun key the mouse wont work? Obviously its a pain to get to the power button on the laptop, and i dont want to rip it to pieces to move power button to somewhere more convinient!

    I will have a touch screen and powermate input devices, havent got them yet so dont know if i can get the powermate to emulate the return key, i.e. wake from standby! But i still dont know how long it will last on standby, or maybe i could just leave it charging off of the main car battery, again how long will this last on standby mode and charging the laptop?

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    Ok buddy for us to MAYBE help you need to post the specs of the laptop and the operating system.

    Look into your power options, right click on your desktop, properties, screen saver tab, then the power button. Look in there. You may find what you are looking for.
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      Here are the specs its a PIII 1000Mhz Advent laptop, UK crap brand, its running windows xp pro service pack 1. I have looked in the power options and have figured out how to shut it down etc, its just the booting up that seems to be a problem, i think i can get around the stanby to operational by using the powermate which i have ordered or even by touching the touchscreen.

      But i am worried about when it completely shuts down when the battery of the laptop is not sufficient to keep it on standby! Can i find a usb or serial device that will control the powering? Any help appreciated.


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        there was another thread just posted about this a few days ago, I recently replied to it. In the future using the search may get you your answers much quicker than we can.
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