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  • Power Supply ideas needed


    I need power supply advices for my FitPc2. This little device consumes 8W at full CPU load and is 8-15 volts tolerant. I still don't want to feed it direct from battery. I am looking for some regulated DC-DC PSU with Auto Shutdown and startup controller but I couldn't find any good unit under 100$. I am thinking of powering my 7" Samsung LCD from the same PSU as well.

    Also I am planning to use my smartphone(webOS) embedded in the car.(GPS tracking, wifi tethering, 3G, remote commands etc..) I was thinking of using cigarette lighter USB charger connected to the smartphone constantly but this may ruin the battery(5volt 1A) so I may want to use the PSU to feed the smartphone as well. Any advice are welcome.

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    what voltage do you need?
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      If it's 8-15V tolerant, it sounds like it's fit for automotive environments.
      If worried about above 15V, maybe 317 type regulator or a zenor regulator or crowbar (fuse blowing) circuit (since it's under 1A).

      If powering other stuff, then whatever suitable "mobile" PSU (others can suggest...)


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        12v-1A(8v~15v/10watt) for computer.
        12v-2A(8v~20v/20watt) for LCD.
        5v-50mA for smartphone usb charging.(I may use computer USB output but I want to hide smartphone independed from carpc setup)

        OldSpark, i want to eliminate the spike and noise from the unregulated dc car battery voltage. Form factor, shutdown and startup abilities are welcome.


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          Originally posted by secured-nor1 View Post
          ...i want to eliminate the spike and noise from the unregulated dc car battery voltage...
          But a 8-15V converter should so that (that what I meant by "'s fit for automotive environments").

          I assumed you wanted >15V protection long term.

          But as I said, if you are powering the other stuff as well, then you'll need a bigger 5V converter.

          As to noise, check that AFTER installation. dc-dc converters can introduce their own noise and AFAIK they rarely transfer source +12V through to the output.


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            i believe the dc-dc usb power supply, as well as the carnetix series allow for this. i think both the carnetix models have adjustable outputs and a 5v line.

            though, it might be better to use a separate 5v adapter for your other needs.
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

            next project? subaru brz
            carpc undecided


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              DC-DC-USB is killer for "external" automotive power regulation
              i've had great success with those

              tough part is wiring the power switch to your system. That'll require some fabrication.
              If what you need is DC regulation and clean 12v power output, DC-DC-USB will do the trick.


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                I bought DCDC USB PSU and doing some tests before putting down all the things.
                It works good right now. When the IGN voltage applied it goes ON and power up my PC and it goes OFF when the IGN is OFF. OK.

                the problem is hibernate mode. I have already selected from Windows XP power settings "When power button pressed" do Hibernate. In every cycle my pc starts from a fresh startup. I couldn't understand yet why it starts from fresh. Just looking though!


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                  It sounds like the PC doesn't enter hibernation before the power is removed. Have you checked the Windows event viewer yet?
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                    I think so. It seems it is related with Windows XP.
                    Even I press the Power button manually it shuts down immediately before going into hibernation mode.
                    I will check event viewer now


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                      Olay Türü:	Hata
                      Olay Kaynağı:	System Error
                      Olay Kategorisi:	(102)
                      Olay Kimliği:	1003
                      Tarih:		17.10.2011
                      Saat:		00:37:49
                      Kullanıcı:		Yok
                      Bilgisayar:	ENICAR
                      Hata kodu 000000f4, parameter1 00000003, parameter2 860ed880, parameter3 860ed9f4, parameter4 805c8d78.
                      Ek bilgi için adresindeki Yardım ve Destek Merkezi'ne bakın.
                      0000: 53 79 73 74 65 6d 20 45   System E
                      0008: 72 72 6f 72 20 20 45 72   rror  Er
                      0010: 72 6f 72 20 63 6f 64 65   ror code
                      0018: 20 30 30 30 30 30 30 66    000000f
                      0020: 34 20 20 50 61 72 61 6d   4  Param
                      0028: 65 74 65 72 73 20 30 30   eters 00
                      0030: 30 30 30 30 30 33 2c 20   000003, 
                      0038: 38 36 30 65 64 38 38 30   860ed880
                      0040: 2c 20 38 36 30 65 64 39   , 860ed9
                      0048: 66 34 2c 20 38 30 35 63   f4, 805c
                      0050: 38 64 37 38               8d78
                      will see if i can find any solution for that...


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                        Originally posted by Microsoft View Post
                        There is no additional information about this issue in the Error and Event Log Messages or Knowledge Base databases at this time. You can use the links in the Support area to determine whether any additional information might be available elsewhere.


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                          Ok it is silly me didn't activated Hibernation mode but the power button settings. Now the problem solved and working well.


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                            awesome! glad it worked out well.
                            the fitpc's are cool little systems. i had one of those for awhile as a mediaPC in my house.
                            have fun with your project