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M1-ATX Strange Amp Remote-On Behaviour

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  • M1-ATX Strange Amp Remote-On Behaviour

    Hi all,

    I have had my car pc installation running for quite a while and the other day i got a problem with what seamed to be the HDD so i removed most of my rig and brought it in the house for some testing of the HDD and all went well so i decided to put it back in the car for some more testing.

    After putting it all back together i was happy it was back to normal, but then the next day i came to find the audio had vanished... so testing started and it turned out that the amp was not on, after alot of poking around i noticed the remote on from the M1-ATX was reading about 1.5V. At this point i decided that my car pc would be out of action for abit until i could find a work-around so i set it to always off (via a switch that sets the ignition to constant 0v/GND) After a drive to and from work as i was turning off the car to get out i heard a fan spinning, which shouldnt be as the car pc hadnt been on at all that day so i checked and my amp was ON and the fan was spinning away to itself, i must point out that the car pc was OFF but the amp was ON so i went and turned the switch (which overrides the ignition) to ON and at this point my car pc started up and my amp turned OFF?

    Has anyone else had a similar issue and resolved it or is it simply that my M1-ATX has given up (or more likely that ive fubar'd it up in the process of testing/moving it)

    Any help is much appreciated