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Opus 90W Jumper Settings

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  • Opus 90W Jumper Settings

    Just purchased a 90W Opus DC-DC Power supply (New never used) from a fellow member here. I did not have any documentation with it. From my search on the forum I was unable to find the settings for the Shutdown Delay Jumper.

    I contacted Opus Solutions for a Installation/Setup Guide and technical specs but have yet to hear back from them. From the thread FAQ: How to Wire an OPUS PSU I comprehend the wiring for power/ground and ignition wires, just need some insight on other specs esp. the jumper setting for SD jumpers.

    I appreciate your insight!

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    Is this what you're looking for?
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      Yes! It appears so! Thanks a lot! Looks I have limited options. May as well keep the no jumper setting!