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m2-atx 5V rail problem?

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  • m2-atx 5V rail problem?

    hey everyone,

    I have an m2-atx powering my carpc setup since November 2009. It's been working fine for me up until recently. Back in May of this year, I installed my optical drive. Windows detected it and was able to play DVDs with it.

    However, this sometimes occurred:
    (excuse the excessive use of duct tape... only used to test fitment and keep the drive together. I have since replaced the optical drive with a slot-load and mounted it with velcro).

    The drive would constantly spin up and down. This didn't happen often, but it happened. I didn't think too much of it then.

    Now I think I'm having problems with my 5V rail. I noticed that my iPhone doesn't charge anymore when I plug it in via USB (it works everywhere else). I also tried connecting my portable external HDD, but that was no good either. So I checked the voltage coming out of the 5V rail with my multimeter. I got readings of around 5.4V when the computer turns on, but after some time, that number drops to 5.0V, then to 4.7V before I stopped checking.

    These are my USB devices that I have connected to my Intel D945GCLF2:

    1. BU-353 gps
    2. Rii Mini Keyboard receiver
    3. Lilliput touchscreen (via passive extension)
    4. Original CarPC JoyCon (via passive extension)
    5. 802.11n WiFi card
    6. Optical drive (via active extension)
    7. 7-port USB Hub
    ---7a. Bluetooth dongle
    ---7b. iPhone
    ---7c. Super Dual Box (converts 2 Playstation controllers to USB)
    ---7d. OBD-II monitor
    ---7e. TV tuner
    ---7f. free
    ---7g. free

    As you can see, I have quite a bit of USB devices attached. Most of these devices were part of the original setup. At first, I thought it was due to overload. I removed everything except for the first four devices, and I'm still getting the same readings.

    Has anyone experienced this before?

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    I find the +5v rail on the M2 very weak. I cant even power a portable usb hard drive without my other usb devices starting to drop out. I dont know if there is anyway to mod the M2, but maybe try powering your usb devices of an independently powered usb hub.