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    As you may have seen in some of my other post that I have bought a Volvo S40, and the options are non-existant apart from a 3.5mm jack in the center console. So I have seen and bought a Bluetooth adapter to a 3.5mm jack, so I could play and control music from my mobile. However the item is ment to be used in the home and is powered by a wall adapter, and needs 5V/100mah. So my question is 1) how I can power it? 2) if I can pickup a feed from the cigarette lighter in the center console? 3) if it will need a separate fused feed from the battery?


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    i think i do remember running across one of your fabrication threads before..

    5v is pretty easy to get from a car.

    if you are doing a 'standard' carpc with atx-compliant power supplies(m-series psu's, dsatx, etc), there is a 5v wire that you only need to tap into on the 4pin flat harness.
    if you are using a laptop, i believe the carnetix series psus do have a 5v output, or have a add-on module for 5v that would work for that.

    and in the worst case-- you need to buy one of those usb cigarette lighter adapters. those put out 5v, but you might need to modify certain parts to get everything connected correctly.
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