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what power supply is most using?

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  • what power supply is most using?

    sry for such a generic question but what is a good power supply that most are using. read soo many things about all of the power supplies listed and don't know which one to choose. i need 250w suggested by my motherboard manufacturer. but i don't think im using that much.
    its a msi motherboard, using a lcd screen with lvds and led backlight, laptop hard drive and laptop disk drive. cpu fan, video chipset fan, and one case fan.
    Ill need to be able to turn on an amp, and be able to start up the computer with the ignition switch or with my keyless remote using the trunk pop button and wiring from the remote control unit. ill figure that out later date. but will also be able to shut down the pc when the ignition switch is turned off. nothing too complicated. just sort of dont understand what im reading when i read about all these power supplies. then the pros and cons associated with them.
    just need some insight on a descent power supply that does the job and wont quit on me.

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    it really depends on the hardware. i suggest you locate a computer power calculator online, and input all of your hardware to get a rough idea of the max draw first, and then look at the different psu's that meet that requirement.
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