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CNX-P2140 and regular Power supply for bench testing

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  • CNX-P2140 and regular Power supply for bench testing

    i am getting ready to start on my carputer today and need to figure out a way to bench test it before installing.

    I have a ton of regular home power supplies laying around that I yanked out of dead computers over the years, can I hack one of these up and hook it to the P2140 instead of having to drag in a car battery?

    If so, What wires go where?


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    I also have a couple AC adapters from a couple laptops too. I am chopping the current AC adapter for the laptop up for the barrel connector. Could I simply just use the wires from that? Its only a 65 watt supply and the P2140 is like 185 watt. I don't know i there is any issue there or not.

    Sorry, I am new to this.


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      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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