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D945GSEJT no green standby light

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  • D945GSEJT no green standby light

    Hey Guys,

    I have an Intel D945GSEJT which has been working fine, I've been to use it today and nothing happened, so checked the power and connections, all fine - the 4 pin feed on to the board shows the correct 12v however the board doesnt show its green light - which has always been on before...

    Are there any checks I can do or do I just assume the board is now dead?

    Any thoughts?


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    Take it out and connect it to a desktop power supply (or use the brick that came with it) and see if it powers up. I had this issue with mine, and I ended up removing the BIOS battery for about 10 minutes and then resetting the BIOS, and it started working again.
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      hmmmm, ok, ran it on the psu brick, and nothing.... removed the battery, disconnected everything - its been over an hour, looks like its dead


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        If you have a DVM, check the on board fuse near the power connectors.


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          I've just looked at my board, but I can 3 chips that may be fuses, any ideas which one it is?


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            see pic
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