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m2 160w psu

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  • m2 160w psu

    hello! just started a car pc project in a volvo s60.

    just bought a ASUS E45M1-I DELUXE, AMD E-450 motherboard, and i read in the manuel it recommandes at least 350w psu in full configuration.
    i also have bought the m2 atx 160w psu some month ago, can i use this?

    what are the signs if the psu is to weak? lower voltage? startup problems? will be running a 128gb ssd disk.

    i guessing it will hold at startup at such, but i want to know the signs just in case so i can monitor it

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    Should not be a problem. However, if it is a problem. Some signs would be:
    System wont start.
    System crashes as it tries to boot O/S(blue screen/green).
    System crashes as it tries to shutdown(blue screen/green).
    CPU uses most power at boot up and shutdown process(carpc use).
    Check cpu specs to see what the max. watts it uses at peak performance. If its max watts is less than say,80w it should be fine provided that other components such as Ram/usbs are not drawing too much power.


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      It's a fusion powered motherboard. You do not need anywhere near 350 watts.
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        great! thanks a lot, just the info i was looking for


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          good to know, i stated that i read it from the motherboard manual, and it was in full configure. but thanks anyway

          here is the build thread on my car.
          after i'm finished i'm going to put a thread here as wel for the volvo users