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120W DC-DC PSUs from Lex and Casetronic

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  • 120W DC-DC PSUs from Lex and Casetronic

    Did a quick search but didn't see anything on the more powerful DC-DC boards and power bricks by Lex and Casetronic... apologies if I've missed something

    Lex = 110W: PW004, and general link here

    More expensive... in Europe it's 109 euros here

    Casetronic 140W has appeared on their website store , although not available yet, but apparently is in production. Check with Ultim8te ... they may be able to help...

    I've got the Lex one and it's fine for an Epia M10000, graphics card and standard hard drive. It has P4 power connectors but I'd be chary of going much over 2.4Ghz with it. Will test it soon! Be interested in others' experiences...