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yet another powersupply/regulator question

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  • yet another powersupply/regulator question

    I am a real newbie that happend to find your site.

    I am thinking on buying a Casetronic(Travla) C134

    It has a Built-in 60W DC power board, do i need to replace the power board with a PW70 board and/or do I need an additional DC-regulator to cope with the in car 12V in order to power up the unit safely?


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    For starters it doesn't look like your link works.

    Secondly it'll depend on what hardware you want to drive.

    Thirdly the general consensus is that you need to regulate the +12V output from the PSU to be safe, however people have used it unregulated and works fine, but they're playing with fire.
    IN DEVELOPMENT -- '96 Mustang, lilliput with PII/450 laptop, custom DC-DC power supply, 60GB; Garmin GPS; 802.11g; compact keyboard, small graphical LCDs, OBDII.


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      I have edited the link(it was a dot at the end of the url that messed the link up)
      I should now work...

      I would want to run the above PC along with a 2.5 " harddrive and maybe a 7" LCD touchscreen...
      I think that the PC above has an onboard 60W dc/dc regulator.

      Will I need an inverter or an additional DC/DC regulator.

      Is the PW70 a dc/dc regulator that can be of use in my case?



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        The LCD touchscreen, if you're thinking of a DSCustoms one, will take 10-24V input IIRC so that should be safe-ish to run off the battery direct.